A good toy design is of prime importance

by:Mishi     2020-11-30
Now more and more people like to design our own unique image to make into various types of products, such as plastic toys, plush dolls dolls, key hooks to hold pillow, back cushion, etc. , either a product, a good product, must first have a soul of design, designers are combined with basic market research, market trends, as well as a company or individual representative elements to design, so as to seize the consumer psychology, plush toy design is also combined with stuffed animals of cutting, cartoon art, modelling art to design, the design of the plush toy doll basic is divided into the following steps: to determine the ideas and thoughts according to their own hearts of plush toys preliminary idea, draw a shape, probably, according to this way to collect character modelling sample figure to make a plan, and then from different angles, according to the various indicators, measuring a variety of factors, from the various options to determine the final solution. Concrete appearance of the plush toy design renderings, from the front, back, side to draw, only in this way can we reach the best design effect of conception. According to the design renderings, to determine the size and proportion of the sample according to the design renderings, determine the proportion of astronomy, depends on the size of the sample at the same time, to determine the sample parts. Toys the pattern should start from the whole, from big BanPian, usually from the body, so it is easy to expand other BanPian, easy to modify. Set genre piece figure this is one of the most effective simple method, mainly the design into a 3 d rendering, according to determine a good proportion of each part production establishment of genre films figure, we will need to cut and shape the suture line. Cuttings of cuttings materials figure plush toys similar clothing fabrics, are pieces of clothing cutting is regular, and cuttings of plush toys is protean, each suit cut piece to a three-dimensional animal forms, it decided the design shape is good or bad, it is the most important and the most complicated in the design of complex. Design of sample preparation will design the work piece through the actual plush toys material after repeated making modifications, so as to achieve the closest design renderings. Determine the work piece after trial production to achieve the best effect of cutting piece we will determine it down, and draw down, including materials, color, hair, etc. Determine the work piece through the process, until the final cutting piece, design is over, each plush toy manufacturer before a new product to market, go through this process of complexity, process is also very important.
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