A pillow that can be produced as a household item

by:Mishi     2021-08-15
Household items and pillows are two terms that seem to have nothing to do with each other. But according to the principles of materialist philosophy, the world is universally connected, and no matter how seemingly unrelated things, they can actually be connected together. What we are going to introduce today is a pillow that can be produced as a household item.
Whenever we mention household items, we always feel that it is something related to decoration; when we mention pillows, we always feel that it is something related to practicality. One is decoration, the other is practicality; if summarized by literary theory, one is romanticism and the other is realism. But just as Li Shangyin is a combination of romanticism and realism, the pillows of the nature of household items are undoubtedly a combination of decoration and practicality.
The pillow of the nature of household goods, which is to make the pillow more beautiful in addition to the practicality for people to rest, so that it has the decorative properties of household goods. For example, a cartoon doll pillow is a model of this type of pillow. It is made in the image of a cartoon doll, which makes it itself decorative; and the doll itself is a pillow, so it has practicality. This is a successful product. Therefore, when customers need to buy household items, they may wish to take this kind of household items-style pillows as the main reference object.
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