A sales route that combines household goods with toy sales

by:Mishi     2021-08-13
There may be many people who do not understand the relationship between household items and plush toys. Indeed, on the surface, there is not much difference between the two, but if you think about it, the design concept of home furnishings and plush toys are mutually contained to a large extent. In other words, both need to investigate consumer tastes. To give a simple example, for bibs, especially baby bibs, its design ideas are very much in line with toy design ideas.
Especially, when more and more toys have begun to not only target the younger groups, many times when investigators in toy factories are investigating the interests of customers, they will also investigate such things as housewives, or Older middle-aged women, in this way, for toy manufacturers, it will be very convenient to manufacture household items together. And in this way, the products can be sold as a complete set, making the style of the home completely consistent. Promote the distribution and development of similar products. At present, both Shenzhen Toy Factory and Dongguan Toy Factory are carrying out this kind of marketing model, which enables customers to pay attention to the same type of household items when buying toys.
The entry of household items into the toy factory is not only a bold innovation, but also a fairly reasonable sales method, diversifying the distribution model of the product to promote the long-term development of the product.
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