About the broad prospects of plush toy manufacturers

by:Mishi     2021-08-15
Nowadays, with people's pursuit of home decoration and the increasing love of cartoon dolls, people's demand for plush toys is also increasing. In response to the ever-expanding needs of customers, selling such toys has become an empirical choice for many businesses.
It has a very broad prospect in the toy sales market. There are many production bases of plush toys in our country, which contribute to the country’s foreign exchange income every year. In the operating statistics of many plush toy manufacturers, if China's toy consumption level can reach the average level in Asia, the toy market will exceed 300 billion yuan.
When making such toys, there are actually many technical requirements for these seemingly simple stuffed dolls. In fact, these requirements are also determined by the strict requirements for toy safety in Europe, the United States and other countries, in order to avoid the problem of safety claims by some consumers when selling toys abroad. The safety of toys is of utmost importance.
Some safety standards are, for example, that some handmade needles must be placed in a fixed flexible package, and should not be placed directly on the toy. After some broken needles, they must be carefully inspected. Use a prober when necessary. In addition, in some toys, we can see that some small accessories are likely to be taken down and swallowed by young children. So when installing the accessories, be sure to tighten the nails.
In addition to the appearance of beauty, safety issues are all paramount. Some well-known plush toy brands have stricter requirements on toy safety.
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