More than one plush toy designer opens the plate at a very fast speed, the sample making is monitored by our merchandiser during the whole process, efficiently turning out your product from an idea into a real thing. We meet your expectation on sample lead time as short as we can.


Customer Mr. Zhang is a gift company purchasing manager. He needs a sample to bid, but the time is very tight. The time left for us is only two days. After some discussion, we decided to help the customer to make this sample.


On the first day, after discussing with the customer, we simplified some unnecessary elements of the design draft and started to inform the designer to open the plates at the first time. At the same time, the purchaser rushed to the market to select fabrics. At that night, we finally rushed to complete the plate making and send the plates to embroidery workshop on the same night.


On the second day, in the early morning our merchandizer rushed to the embroidery workshop to get the embroidered fabrics. The embroidered fabrics will be sent to our sample makers after inspection. After a series of processes, the sample finally came out, we checked and well packed it and send out the package by express.


Mr. Zhang received samples and was very satisfied with our efficiency. After successfully winning the bid, we ordered 3,000 toys and kept a long-term cooperation with us.



With more than ten years of production experience, we are able to help you save time in production. If you have an urgent order, please give it to us, we will do it quickly with the guarantee of quality and quantity.


The customer Ms.XIang needs a pillow of 5,000 pcs. However, because the problem of the previous draft was delayed, the time left for her is only 8 days to start the event. After consulting a number of manufacturers, she finally found us.


On the first day, after discussing with the customer, we simplified some unnecessary elements of the design draft, let the designer carry out the 3D proofing, and gave the initial version to the customer to confirm, embroidery was arranged after proof approval.


The 2nd day, after the completion of the embroidery, workers finished the sample, sample was approved by a remote video meeting with the customer, then we signed the contract.


On the third day, a production meeting was held to arrange a series of production processes and inform the buyer to purchase the fabrics.From the fourth day to the fifth day, the fabrics were cut and embroidered.From the sixth day to the seventh day,  we finished the whole production of sewing, filling, finishing, quality inspection and packing out. On the eighth day, we began to arrange logistics truck loading and delivery.



Customer Miss Liu needs a puppy plush toy, she does not have a design draft, wants us to give her a recommendation, and the time required for mass production can not be long, we immediately selected several puppy plush samples in the existing model portfolio for Miss Liu’s selection.


After Miss Liu selected two products, she proposed to add their company LOGO. We provided her with four options of embroidery, printing, sew-in label and hang tag.

Finally Miss Liu selected the option of sew-in label, and we produced and delivered the goods on time according to the customer's requirements.


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