Analysis on the status quo of direct sales channels of plush toy factory

by:Mishi     2021-08-08
The Chinese mainland market has always been a loyal consumer group of plush toys. Therefore, the channels and distribution methods of plush toy manufacturers in the mainland have become more and more scattered. Moreover, plush toys are no longer a little thing to coax children, it is a form of cultural representation and a new industry. Regardless of online and offline, they are growing at a very rapid rate. The current plush toy manufacturers generally use a combination of online and offline methods for production and processing, including sales promotion.

In the past two years, the average level of toy consumption around the world has basically reached a growth rate between 10% and 20%. China has far surpassed other countries, with a rate of about 35%. The high-speed growth efficiency rushed to the peak. According to the current employment situation and the development of the economic environment, plush doll manufacturers are gradually transforming. Under the guarantee of quality and safety, they can integrate into the creative environment market in the future and portray cultural elements into the spirit of the toy itself.
Although the current requirements for second- and third-tier brands are very high and it is difficult to break the market, the current Chinese market still has very good prospects in the development of the toy industry. There is no doubt about this, and in the future, the form of custom-made doll direct sales will definitely expand and expand.
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