Basic operation process of toy factory

by:Mishi     2021-08-05
As a professional plush toy supplier, with years of experience in plush toy work and knowledge of plush toys, I will talk to you about those things about plush toys.

1. What is a plush toy
A plush toy is a kind of toy. It is a toy made of plush fabrics and other textile materials as the main fabric and filled with various fillers. The English name is (plush toy), which can also be called Soft toys (softtoy) and stuffed toys (stuffedtoy) in my country's Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao regions have become 'plush dolls'. At present, we habitually refer to the plush toy industry as plush toys.

2. The characteristics of plush toys
Plush toys have the characteristics of lifelike and cute shape, soft touch, not afraid of squeezing, easy to clean, strong decoration, high safety, and a wide range of suitable people. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decoration of houses, and gifts.

3, the classification of plush toys
Plush toys can be divided into stuffed toys and non-stuffed toys according to whether there are fillings inside and the materials used on the surface; velvet stuffed toys, plush stuffed toys, T/C cloth stuffed toys, and plush stuffed toys.

4. Materials for plush toys
The main materials used for plush toys are: border cloth, halberd cloth, plush, T/C cloth, knitted cloth, acrylic cotton, PU leather, non-woven cloth, nano particles, satin, washed cloth, terry cloth , Chemical fiber fleece (pull fleece, velvet), plush parts, etc.

5. Production process of plush toys
The production process of plush toys is basically: cutting, sewing, decoration, filling, shaping, and packaging.

6. The export standard of plush toys
In order to prevent the emergence of black cotton and stuffed toys containing toxic substances, the main export of stuffed toys currently has certain standards, and they must comply with the testing of national standards, American standards, European Union standards, etc. before they can be exported for sale.

Knowledge lies in accumulation and comprehension, even in the commercial battlefield. Without some basic knowledge of the industry, it is impossible to gain a foothold in this market and defeat opponents.
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