Be sure on Kids Health Clothing Toys For Them

by:Mishi     2020-07-22
Parents often buy kids toys such as bus model, stuffed animals, RC cars and so on for their children as best gifts because they always think that toys are children best and closest partners. That's right. However, as parents, do perception that there are some dangerous factors hidden in kids toys, if not pay more attention on this issue, poor quality kids toys will lead to unintentional injury and threaten children's health. Stuffed animals Soft stuffed animals like stuffed dogs, stuffed bears and so on are almost all girls' preferred toys, however, do realize there are only that playing with stuffed animals for long time difficult to suffer from bronchial asthma. According to doctor for children hospital, more and more children suffer from respiratory diseases because of playing stuffed animals for a lengthy time. Plush toy is unexpected allergens so that youngsters with allergic condition can easily lead to allergic diseases, however, it is often neglected. Nowadays, 90 percent of stuffed animals kids hands have moderate or severe contamination of micro organism. Compared to plastic toys, salvaging difficult to clean and disinfect stuffed animals so who's is easy to infect bacteria again. Toys with painting Nowadays, many kids toys such as metal toys and building blocks elevated colors paint are basically to be used in painting. What's more, even colorful air balloon, books and picture albums are painted with pigment. For a long time, it effortless to result in lead poisoning. When children embrace toys when sleeping, or kiss toys, lead poisoning would be happened. Through way, the small accessories such as eyes and noses on stuffed animal and doll's body are also poisonous. Toys with too loud noise With the large number of new toys appear in the toys market, money-making niches more and more toys with disturbances. As parents, it is harmful to children's hearing function. According to research, children much more expensive sensitive to sound than adults. When the toys' sound is more than 120 decibel, it is easy to damage children hearing function if playing for long evening. Bad symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional stress, forgetfulness and other seems. Therefore infant and young children would like a quiet environment through the growth phase should want to them grow healthy. These people are stimulated by too loud noise for a long time, it is easy to lead to agitation, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep, lack of concentration and other bad symptoms, each which are not beneficial.
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