Broad market for household products

by:Mishi     2021-08-12
We all know that MADE IN CHINA is written on the label of many things, even foreign things are no exception, especially for simple small things like household items.
The relatively large export volume of our products is the pillows on sofas and the relatively simple products such as pillows. These things are low in cost, but the demand abroad is high, so exporting is the best. Every year, pillow manufacturers can receive a large number of orders from overseas.
We are even more advocating that various manufacturers sell their products overseas instead of just selling them domestically. We have to go abroad to make foreigners' money. At the same time, our country also vigorously supports the export of our domestically produced goods to foreign countries, in which a lot of tax is reduced or exempted.
Don't think that only some manufacturers specializing in home textiles will produce these things, and toy manufacturers will also produce pillows. And the products produced by these manufacturers will be more creative and more popular with children. However, so far many well-known brands are still foreign, and we are only responsible for manufacturing, not design. With the increase in manufacturing experience, we should also learn to design our own brand that is accepted by the public. We all know that the most profitable part of making these toys is in the design part, not the production part.
Look at the most popular and well-known plush toys in the mall. We can all see that these manufacturers are all based in China. But when I check this brand online, they are all from developed countries such as Japan and the United States. Do you feel very sad, we should also rely on our own efforts and wisdom to create our own well-known plush toy brand.
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