Broad prospects about the manufacturer of plush toys

by:Mishi     2020-11-30
Now as people pursuit of home decoration and improvement of cartoon doll love day by day, people's demand for plush toys made of class more and more. On the growing customer demand, sales has become a lot of this kind of toy industry business experience. Its promising prospects in the toy sales market, in our country has many production plush toys of the base, in has made a contribution to the country's foreign exchange income every year. In a lot of plush toys factory business statistics, if China's toy consumption level can reach the average level of Asia, toy market scale will exceed three hundred billion yuan. In making this kind of toy, for these seemingly simple plush dolls actually has a lot of technical requirements. But these demands are because in Europe and the United States and other countries for the strict requirements of the toy safety, in order to avoid foreign toy sales work safety claims by some consumers. The safety of toys is crucial. Some safety standards such as, handmade things like needles must use fixed flexible packaging is put up, should not be directly into the toy, after some breakage of the incident, must be careful to check, when necessary to use the probe. In addition in some toys, we can see some small accessories are likely to be swallow the tear open come down to young children. So at the time of installation accessories must be tightly fastened. In addition to the appearance to notice the beautiful and easy, safety issues are as for primacy. Some famous brand of plush toys in the toy safety requirements will be more strict.
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