But can small plush toy production process

by:Mishi     2020-11-30
The main consumption group is plush toys children. Now with the great improvement of living conditions, children require parents to meet, not to mention things like buy a toy. So we see a plush toy manufacturers have mushroomed of growing development. Then, we went into the next plush toys manufactory to see how the plush toys are made of? The first step is to design the shape of the toy, whether small animals, or cartoon characters to the most basic is to give it a image. Image do good word for the toy market has a great influence, so usually have professional designers in their design. The second step, it is need professionals to operate the details and layout. Now some of the basic factory has been the operation of the computer system is used to accurate and efficient to complete this step, playing board should not only comply with the design requirements, and combined with the actual the situation. Third step, since have the sample, you need to see the skill of the sewing worker. In accordance with the sample cut fabrics, sewing lines on each layer sewing completed, toy image in the eyes nose mouth bound, filling in the toys filled material, stitching, etc. , this series of work completed. A brand new toy is forming. Does it feel like how, plush toys production process is complicated? Yes, just a toy, do feel a little exaggeration, however, this is just a pioneering exploration process of mass production, only made this a toy, to the left after produced a large number of toys.
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