Buy plush toys, be wary of black heart cotton-identification of black heart cotton

by:Mishi     2021-08-04
The cute, brightly colored, soft and soft plush toys are deeply loved by children. When buying plush toy dolls, in addition to paying attention to the surface material of the product, the inner filling should be paid more attention to. Qualified plush The inner fillings of dolls include PP cotton, washed cotton, down cotton, etc., but some plush toy manufacturers use some black cotton in order to reduce costs. These black cotton generally include fibrous industrial scraps, medical fibrous waste, and recycled materials. Fibrous materials, waste clothing and other waste fiber products, these raw materials used for processing do not meet the relevant national standards. The country strictly prohibits the use of black cotton as a filler for plush products. How do we distinguish black cotton?
First, the characteristics of black heart cotton:
1. Staying white and dull.
2. The hand feels without elasticity.
3. Not smooth and easy to stick to clothes.
4. The fibers are neatly broken when they are pulled by both hands, and the fiber strength is extremely low.
5. Chemical bleaching treatment and peculiar smell. The bleached 'black heart cotton' is extremely harmful to the human body. It not only destroys the waxy layer of cotton fiber epidermis, but also absorbs a large amount of chemical substances in the fiber cavity and cell wall. Direct contact with the human body can cause symptoms such as itching, allergies and breathing difficulties. Long-term use can make people sick.
Second, the identification method of black cotton:
1. Eye view. Generally speaking, 'black cotton' looks not so smooth and somewhat rough, while high-quality cotton is white in color.
2, feel. Normal cotton feels softer, has a certain degree of elasticity, and feels good, while 'black cotton' looks like impurities and feels rough.
3, tearing. By tearing, consumers can feel how strong the cotton is. Generally speaking, 'black cotton' breaks as soon as it is torn.
4. Taste. If you are using chemical fiber batting, the raw material should be produced by a chemical fiber factory, not chemical fiber made from rags or industrial waste. Normal chemical fiber is generally uniform in color, has a certain length, does not have too much dust, has good elasticity, and has no peculiar smell, otherwise it is a fake and inferior product.
5. Color. If the cotton wool has mixed colors, even containing yarn ends and rags, it is likely to be a poor quality product produced by secondary processing from industrial waste.
6. Burning. 'Black heart cotton' undergoes a bleaching process during processing, and it will have a slight sour taste when it is smelled. High-quality cotton has no pungent odor when burned, while 'black heart cotton' has a clear pungent odor.
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