Can be used as a household products and production hold pillow in the arms

by:Mishi     2020-11-30
Household items, hold pillow, this is two seem to have no relationship of nouns. But according to the principle of materialism philosophy about, the world is a widespread contact, no matter how seemingly has nothing to do things, actually can be linked together. We want to introduce today is can be used as a household products and production hold pillow in the arms. Whenever we mentioned household items, total feel this is a associated with decorative things; And every time we mention pillows, but always feel it's a associated with practical things. One is a decorative, one is practical; If to literary theory can be summed up, the one is a romantic, one is realism. But, as li shangyin is the combination of romanticism and realism, and household goods nature of the pillow is, of course, the combination of decorative and practical. Household articles for use of the nature of pillow, hold pillow is made in the practical for people to rest, to make it more beautiful, make it as household decorative. Such as cartoon figures hold pillow pillow is such a model, with cartoon figures to make the image, it itself has ornamental; And this doll is the pillow, and so has the practicability, this is the successful products. So when the customers need to purchase household items, think of this kind of hold pillow in the arms household type as the main object of reference.
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