Cleaning cloth toys

by:Mishi     2020-11-29
Soft toy is very cute, is also very wide range of dolls, applicable people is also a very wide range, variety of all kinds. But, no matter size, change a dirty day, total want to have a cleaning day. Heavy plush toys for many mothers have a headache, cleaning up very inconvenient, now for plush dolls, doll teach everybody a few action such as cleaning tips. The clean soft plush toys can be divided into two kinds, one kind is the dry cleaning, another is the water. Dry it to the dry cleaner, do not have any idea, just waiting to dry clean plush toys, home but it will cost a lot of money, left again and again to clean but a lot of costs. For thrifty housewife can only wash it himself. A pack of cheap coarse salt will be able to fix. The plush toys and salt together, with a big plastic bags, and fasten the pockets were swinging, the crude with adsorption is sure that you have a clean doll. As well as with special laundry belt, will remove the filler tank apart, will be put into the washing machine is soft to wash appearance, respectively after drying can be plastic suture. Another is we often hold pillow, with this method is the same, but the pillow is relatively simple, the first is the whole in the washing machine, the second if you have the tank can be opened out to wash again, did not have the tank hold pillow in the back up a little bit of a problem, that is must use the sun. It is ok to collate and manually. Hope this article can help you.
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