Detailed Analysis of Teddy Bear Origin Knowledge

by:Mishi     2020-07-19
There are multiple versions of the legendary story about the birth belonging to the teddy bear. As we all know, teddy bears its name has relationship is not 26 president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, Roosevelt's nickname is Teddy bear. The fall of 1902, this president who would rather hunt black bear hunt in the Mississippi area and has been unproductive. The organizers noted that situation, so captured a little bear and tied to a tree to let obama shot. Roosevelt flatly refused. This rumor was painted caricature and published within 'Washington Post'. The Russian old couple, Mead Mu, who opened a fruit groceries shop in New York, saw this adorable bear in the caricature and rose the regarding sewing bear doll. Although bear doll they produced was well received, later they found the creative toy company. This may be the teddy bear story inside of the United States, but the creative company later was gone. About the same time, the seamstress, Margaret Steiff living in a small village in southern Germany, created the legendary story of teddy bears. Margaret suffers from polio since childhood, to tailor generate a living, with the aid of his family, began products and are fluffy dolls, including the Bear doll. In the 1903 Leipzig Toy sample market, her handsaw bear doll won considerable attention, and American businessman placed a large number of orders. Since then Margaret's small tailor shop extended to the Steiff company, gradually grew to a broad enterprises with 2,000 individuals 1907, manufacturing teddy bears sold in the States and other European countries, and gradually developed using a world-famous Thai Di Bear manufacturers. Since then, in Germany there are several companies manufacturing teddy bears were born in succession, among which Germany Hermann Spielwaren and Clemens, the two companies were gradually developed to the world-famous Teddy Bear Manufacturing Company. Hermann Spielwaren, Steiff and Clemens, the three brands are German teddy bear industry's Big Three, and also the world's three top teddy bear styles. For Chinese people, teddy bear is really a typical Western culture, is the novelty of the twenty-first century that has just entered the Chinese mainland, despite early enter the markets of Taiwan and Hong Kong. China is now the world's largest plush toy manufacturing center. Some plush teddy bears are compatible with collection, and some are made to understand all the to play. Associated with international market, most cheap and low-end brands plush bears are not bear for collection, but toy bears. Within the next article we will provide you several simple methods choosing teddy needs.
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