Difference between Genuine Plush Toys And Pirated

by:Mishi     2020-07-19
The genuine plush toys are generally that is generated by large manufacturers. Of a raw materials, fillings, packaging and printing, etc. should be through the national and international security of certification. The subsequent highlights the differences between genuine and pirated plush toys. First, the regular manufacturers have strict requirements on the making environment: clean, safe, healthy and environmental, which have critical influence on the medical of the software. It is difficult to imagine a dirty and messy factory can produce the products meet the safety and environmental must. Second, the materials of genuine plush toys have strict standards, and their suppliers of raw materials are also manufacturers in line with national and international safety standards, and never allow the harmful materials (especially mercury and other heavy metals ) mixed the particular material. Therefore, although the high cost, it is absolutely safe and reliable. While the pirate manufacturers only seek for over the price and disregard the safety of services. The low quality harmful materials and fillings will stimulate the baby's tender skin and long-term contact basic products will have adverse effects inside the baby's growth and development. Finally, in accessory for the producing environment and selection of raw materials, the management of production processes is particularly important. The production process of plush toys will inevitably use needles, scissors and other metal items. For example, in the sawing process, the needle tends to break inside the toys; in the packaging process, it also occurs to put the scissors in the toys. Large manufacturers producing genuine toys usually have strict management system of the metal, meanwhile, the fabrication process needs search through many metal detection process, additionally the check one by one before leaving the factory. Therefore, the pirated plush toys without strict inspection will cause a prospective threat to infant health. In addition, the original plush toys have vivid appearance and lively expressions. How to spot the genuine and pirated plush toys? Best way is to compare and contrast the anti-fake label and certification. The true products have fine designed laser anti-counterfeit labels, and each product has different model number printed in the anti-fake label. Meanwhile, copy the national quality inspection regulations, each plush toy must have certification, above which must print name, model number, manufacturer name, address, product composition, quality standards, warnings etc. In absence of some of the above, the can be basically considered to be substandard. In short, any the special age group of infants, parents must pay double attention to the choice of toys, quality and safety is undoubtedly the first look at. In order to truly responsible for medical of your baby, choosing genuine plush toys is the most reliable and most wise choice.
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