Diy plush toys production, environmental protection and happy

by:Mishi     2020-11-25
Many people, especially children all like plush toys. But there are so many on the market of choice, and many times let parents don't know where to start. Actually in this era of promoting environmental protection, the parents might as well give the child make myself a plush toys. Such materials used is his hand-picked, the size of the toy with baby have a good communication, can also choose and can make some baby like simple small animal or cartoon characters. How baby plush toy is made, you first need to determine the toy image. This need according to the home of useless cloth, filler and the be fond of of children to reasonable choice. Followed by pen and paper or on the computer to draw the overall shape of the toy, for people to make a plush doll for the first time, had better choose simple, symmetrical image before and after. After selected the main draw on cloth or copy out the shape of the toy. Next is the tailor. Cutting must be slow and meticulous, and two pieces of before and after it is best to cut together, so that can ensure more smooth transition is symmetrical, everywhere is more able to make the natural beautiful toys. The next step is to mainly of two pieces of cloth sewn together, pay attention to be sure to set aside stuffed hole, and other small parts to decorate. Making baby plush doll of the final step is to fill, manage and improve the beautification. According to the inventory in the home, can be without filling cotton, wool, or is cut up old cloth, and so on. Parents need to take full advantage of those prepared as a garbage dump. Toys after filling, you need to type the whole good, and give full play to creativity, to perfect beautify the homemade toys. Believe it must be a happy process of DIY!
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