Do you know Amusing Story About Angry Birds

by:Mishi     2020-07-19
We all are aware of the popularity of the Angry Birds online game. Besides the game, with the support in the e-commerce platform Shopify, the applications, Angry Birds related toys and other spin-offs now are selling well in many countries. After the success of Angry Birds on the iPhone and PCs, many large companies for example 20th Century Fox all try find investment opportunities on that so hot application. Risk investments also prove the success of the particular game on another side. In March, Rovio received 42 million dollars risk investment in begin turn of fund-raising. The Angry Birds game was well-liked by all forms of people within our ages. In addition, the angry bird in the overall game is so impressing and Rovio finds the large developing room of this bird. Therefore, they agreed to sell the theme toys of Angry Birds. From summer in 2010, Rovio as well as the toys producer Commonwealth Toy & Novelty with headquarters in New york released the theme toys of Angry Birds. However, as numerous toys producer, they may experience strange in the Rovio, which is the mobile applications developer. Therefore, Rovio always be find the e-commerce platform to sell these dog toys. The initial aim of Shopify, a provider located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is actually by help the small and middle-sized companies establish the fast and convenient e-commercial channels and provide other services such as trusteeship, designing, data analysis, payment and other technical handles. The availability of Angry Birds with the support of Shopify has laid firm foundation for the well selling of the theme toys of Angry Birds. Considering the opening of Angry Birds theme products on the Shopify, Rovio has sold out more than 2 million sets of plush toys. In addition, Rovio has promised to release more new Angry Birds related product. Global Sales Supervisor of Rovio announced that even the rapid expanding of Angry Birds; they still paid much attention on the quality of the products and did not need to provide the related toys with poor. Till now, about 13.5 million shops have been operating upon the platform of Shopify, including some large famous companies such as General Utility company. In addition, the main revenue of Shopify comes by means of month fee of the members belonging to the platform, only 29 dollars per day. One manager of Shopify expressed in case you had 15 minutes one day and needs email, an individual open a store on Shopify.
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