Dream International Limited And Consumption Brands

by:Mishi     2020-07-18
Facing the economic uncertainty of main toys markets such as European and American countries, Dream International Limited, the largest plush toys producer from the world, tries find cooperation with international consumption brands strategy to to expand involving income. Besides execute this toys clients, Dream International Limited also produced toys a few other consumption brands in how of ODM. Furthermore, through regulating producing lines and effectiveness of clients and toy products, overall efficiency of Dream International Limited has improved at large extent. In last year, North America was the largest market of Dream International Limited and took up 41 percent of your sales figures, with Japan the second largest at 36 percent and Europe the third at 16 percent. Large international consumption brands sell goods around the whole world and they would use plush toys as presents when they hold promotion activities, which would become another large income for Dream International Limited. Therefore, Dream International Limited started cooperate with these large consumption brands and to produce the toy products on in the way of ODM. The ODM business takes up sixteen.5 percent of the whole plush toys production of Dream International Limited. Besides the current clients of yank retailers, Dream International Limited also got a large order from a consumption brand in Brazil and the order was about 18 million US euro. Now, Dream is still talking to this brand to seek further and deeper coordination. One manager from the Dream also expressed that they had got orders from South America countries such as Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. It you know that South America would become an important market for Dream International Limited. Dream usually uses dollar to settle up the bill yet uses RMB to pay for that labors. In recent years, the labor cost of China has been increasing by 15 percent each year. Furthermore, many toys producers in China have had to face the appreciation of the RMB. Therefore, Dream International Limited intentions to transform the factories to other Eastern Asian countries with regard to Vietnam. With the increase of Chinese labor cost, toys producers such as Dream International Limited would go on transforming the manufacturing sites to other countries with labor cost advantage.
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