For the wholesale of plush toys, we must not only know the goods but also predict the trend

by:Mishi     2021-08-06
Many people want to do something that can not only increase their income, but also exercise themselves. In fact, friends with this idea can try to open a small grid shop or a mobile stall during special seasons such as festive seasons. You can definitely exercise your social skills and eloquence, enrich your life, and increase your income. For example, it should be a good choice to find suitable and cheap sources of plush toys through the wholesale of plush toys. It should be a good choice to practice stalls in various lively locations on this day near the Spring Festival.
So what are the precautions for plush doll wholesale? The first, of course, is to identify the goods. It is necessary to master some basic knowledge of the production materials of plush toys, learn to identify the materials, so as to get the high-quality supply of goods. It can not only give confidence to their small business, but also make consumers feel that they have a sense of texture when they pick it up. When inspecting goods, you must be careful and attentive, and at least select more than 10% of the goods from all directions to carefully inspect the goods. Need the taste of the text, check the stitches, and feel the feel of the fabric. In addition to these external inspections, you also need to carefully check the stuffing of plush toy manufacturers. Make sure that there are raw materials that pass customs inside and out.
The last step is to test a friend's business vision, and that is to predict a trend. For a seasonal and festive consumer products for players, especially those who are going to be friends in a season, it is impossible to get a bunch of goods. Instead, you need to find a feature. The goods in that direction can not only get preferential prices but also make their stalls unique. It is necessary to predict the fashion trend in the next time period before the plush toy is wholesaled. For example, after the popular Lunar New Year movie on the 7th of the Yangtze River, players in the 'Little Seven' styling were particularly popular.
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