Formal plush toys factory proofing process

by:Mishi     2020-11-28
We all know that custom products in the production of large cargo will need to have an important process before, it is proofing, proofing what place needs to be improved in the process, can be modified in time, and such is plush toy industry, the plush toy factory proofing process is how, together and see it! A single customer have plush toys customized requirements, after consulting provide drawings or samples to plush toy factory, toy factory designer to determine the right materials and process method according to the customer request; Two, make plush toys sample must pay attention to the model of the straight line, arc, angles, proportion, symmetry, the production of positioning principle, model positive words written in the book. Linear straight and arc round knife eye in place, Angle, ratio is consistent, this is the principle of making sample. Trapezoid and centerline model should maintain a balanced on both sides of the; Rectangular template to keep parallel sides. Anchor point must be accurate, for joining together or anchor point to the corresponding provincial highway, without missing; Three, in addition to the anchor point, sample also need to have the corresponding logo, signs of model include: product type, product name, place name, model number, name of the material, wire flow to MAO, number of cutting piece, if the plush toy sample volume is small, can't mark all content, can manufacture craft listing, to mark number, label number directly. Four, create layout diagram, content including: sample flow of silk or wool to, sample order reversing or synthetic arrangement, sample suit cut signal, in order to more accurate calculate the cuttings unit volume, with minimum wastage for discharging; Cropping after five, discharge, and then you can proceed to sewing, embroidery, Screen printing) , filling process, after the plush toy doll sample to compared with drawings, what needs to be improved in a timely manner to modify and then to the customer for confirmation.
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