How did the stuffed stuffed doll come from,

by:Mishi     2021-08-11
In foreign countries, sub is the general term for filling waste, and the content includes cotton waste and man-made fiber waste.
★ Cotton surplus waste is a recycled cotton textile used as a substitute for the shortage of kapok filler. This cotton filler is composed of woolen cotton shavings and leftover thread balls and wool balls from cotton products. , The darker the composition, the lower the color.

★ Weaving waste (sub) These are not like polyester fiber and fiber fill, which are artificial cotton-like. The disadvantages are that they are not easy to clean, not easy to store, and easy to mold.

★High quality shavings (excelsior)
Excelsior means advanced in Latin, so in order to prove that the quality ingredients are very good, the label will indicate 'excelsior'. In the 19th century, kapok shavings and fine planed wood shavings were originally used for decoration and filling, but later they were used for flaming filling;

★fiber Fill
It is made of white polyester fiber, which is very soft to fill waste. Now all raging fillings use this material.

★ Foan-rubber
The refined polyurewthare is a kind of artificial sponge, processed from a model. It was originally used as a filler for furniture and decorations. In 1950, it was used as a raging filler. It has excellent flexibility and plasticity. An orange sponge similar to silent cotton.

★Kapok (kapok)
is a kind of tree, which is taken from the single cells grown in the seed pod, about one inch in length, white or yellowish brown, with silky luster, waterproof, light weight, elastic, smooth and soft Good properties, flammable, and easy to store.

★ Oilclothe (oilclothe)
It is also called leather cloth. Because this kind of leather is post-processed, it is a kind of waterproof fabric, and it was used as a package for soundproof speakers in the early days.

★polyester fiber
is a synthetic fiber extracted from petroleum, usually mixed with silk made of natural synthetic fiber, and composed of at least 85% dihydric alclhol and terephthalic acid. It has a round shape, a smooth surface and good elasticity. It is easy to wash and dry, and has good thermoplasticity. Almost all the plush dolls in the toy factory now use this material as the fur material and the stuffing of the plush toy.

is a soft, long strip of high-quality shavings cork, originally used to pack stuffing for home furnishings, but in the bear world, it is generally used as stuffing for replica bears and traditional handmade plush dolls. . After filling, the bear feels more solid, full and full of toughness, but you must use a wooden stick when filling, otherwise it will stab your hands.
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