How much does it cost to order a plush doll? How to consider the customized price?

by:Mishi     2021-08-05
Plush toy dolls are very popular among many children and become good partners. Although there are many shaped plush dolls on the market, for many corporate publicity and cultural dissemination needs, they will choose customized toys. So how much does it cost to customize toys?

The customized price of cute plush dolls must first consider their own specifications. According to different occasions and fields, the size requirements for plush toys are also different. Therefore, when ordering, you can first consider the size. If the dolls are larger and use more materials, the price will naturally be higher. If the size is relatively small, the price will be relatively low.
In addition, the price of customized plush dolls is directly related to the materials used. We see that there are more plush toy dolls available on the market today, and the material textures are very different. The products made from toys with good materials have a realistic image, good feel, and the price will naturally be higher. And if toys with inferior materials not only don't have a good appearance, but there are also safety problems, even if the price is relatively low, it is also an undesirable choice. When choosing a plush toy, you can first consider the manufacturer's scale and technological conditions, as well as its production reputation and evaluation, etc., and choose high-quality toy products with good cost performance.
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