How to choose baby plush doll

by:Mishi     2020-11-28
It is important to note that the baby plush doll selection to choose from the color quality, not only to pay attention to the brand products. No matter at home and abroad for toy safety standards are required, and it is more and more strict. Many parents reflect, before the choose and buy children's toys, there is no specific concepts, children like, as long as the price is right, it is ok to look good quality. But the accumulation is more and more toys, children in the house -- let many parents began to wear out. So pay attention to the practicability and functional plush dolls, security is necessary, the three standards combined can largely avoid waste. When the choose and buy plush toys, cartoon doll need to pay attention to the manufacturer, the product material label, these are the most basic, in order to let children safe contact with these toys, still need to be careful. Modern concept of green environmental protection is more and more strong, for children's toys should from the perspective of safety and health, not covet a cheaper option that contain heavy metal color toys, toys or fragrance. Experts remind parents, must pay attention to the cleaning cleaning plush toys, when the choice also depends on the plush toy manufacturer, whether it is a doll made of international standard EN71 safety testing, before buying to watch. To prevent these baby plush toys to the children.
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