How to choose soft toys custom manufacturer of plush toys processing

by:Mishi     2020-11-29
Now more and more company's choice of gift is no longer a simple buying from the market, but by joining to customize their own enterprise image, element, in order to achieve better display and promote the effect of his own company, plush toys, plush doll industry is no exception, that how to choose a good plush toy manufacturer for plush doll production business, need to spend some of idea, toy factory here to tell you about what conditions have to be good. First of all, you need to look at in plush toys web search on top of the toy factory, generally these manufacturers are doing better. Plush toy factory to plush toys proofing second, see the effect, for plush toys custom generally divided into to provide drawings or samples to the toy factory proofing or duplicate sample, also what are the right one is to look at manufacturer of plush dolls, coupled with their own LOGO, it is important to note: 1, if you are through the pictures or samples to make to order, you need to pull out of the plush toy doll finished comparing the degree of reduction, model reduction degree is high, the big goods don't have to worry about, naturally, if it is to use the product of manufacturer of add your own LOGO to custom, depends on the playing board technology, process good factory, the sample level is very high, because from the fabric, embroidery, to fill level, is very strict, so the factory made the production quality can be guaranteed. Finally, it is the time of shipment, the regular plush toys factory, shipment time is generally control is very strict, can guarantee delivery on time.
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