How to clean all kinds of plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-14
Life is getting better and better now. Every child has his own exclusive toys, especially for girls, there are many types, such as plush toys, plush dolls, plush pillows, Barbies, etc. You must know that toys are in A lot of bacteria will be stained in the process of playing. If it is not cleaned in time, it will bring harm to the health of the child.
Should parents have a headache now? How can they clean the big and heavy plush toys and plush dolls? And different plush toy manufacturers have different methods of making plush dolls, and the cleaning methods are different. It is also different. General toy manufacturers will display their own washing logo on the plush toys. Here is how to clean the plush toys:

1. Dry cleaning:
Preparation materials: coarse salt, large plastic bags.
Method: Put the coarse salt and the dirty plush toy together in a large plastic bag, then tighten the pocket and shake it vigorously so that the coarse salt is in full contact with the surface of the plush toy. You will find that the white coarse salt slowly turns black, and the stuffed toy will become much cleaner.

2. Washing:
Preparation materials: detergent, water,
Hand washing method: Small toys can be washed directly by hand with water. Dissolve the detergent directly in the water and gently soften the dirty parts of the plush toy. Or use a soft sponge, soak the washing water to wipe the surface, wipe the area clean and then wipe it again with clean water.

Three, machine washing method:
1. For small toys, first use tape to stick the parts that are afraid of wear and tear, put them in the washing machine, and choose a gentle washing method. Shake dry after washing, hang it in a cool place, and pat the toy intermittently to make the fur and fillings fluffy and soft.

2. For large toys, you can find the filling seam, take out the filling material (acrylic cotton), also use tape to stick the parts that are afraid of abrasion, put the toy skin in the washing machine to softly wash, spin dry, and hang in a cool place Dry. Then put the stuffing into the skin of the toy, shape and stitch. For some parts that are not very dry, you can use a hair dryer to dry them properly.
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