How to clean plush toy dolls

by:Mishi     2021-08-12
Nowadays, many families only give birth to one baby. Of course, children’s toys are also indispensable. Many parents buy a variety of different toys, including electric and plush toys, but fluffy cute animal toys or cartoons. Toys can move children's hearts most, and the more attractive ones are plush electric toys. After putting a small motor or smart movement in the toy, the small toy can move forward, backward or even dance. It's really not easy to say not to love.
But, everything is one part for two, plush electric toys are indeed more interesting, but their plush appearance is also very easy to stick to dust and get dirty. Generally, it will become dirty for up to two months, which affects the appearance and the health of the child. Therefore, the problem of cleaning electric toys is placed in front of many parents. The first option is dry cleaning, which is simple and convenient but expensive.
In fact, many parents can clean these small toys by themselves. Here, the editor will introduce a simple cleaning method for plush dolls. Washing is just like washing clothes. If there is an organic core inside, What should I do if the soft toy has no opening place?
I believe that many will sew clothes by hand. Then we will find a hand-sewn position on the back of the toy. This is a position reserved by the plush toy factory. You can cut it from here and take out the movement. To clean, you can also stitch together with the baby.
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