How to judge the quality when customizing plush

by:Mishi     2021-08-13
More and more companies, schools, banks, and shopping malls will customize plush toys with their own company image as gifts for relatives and friends, business gifts, teaching materials, school celebrations and school sports event prizes, choose a good plush toy factory Customization is of course the most reliable, so how to judge the quality of the plush toy doll produced by the toy manufacturer?

First look at the materials used in the proofed plush toys. Good plush toys have a high fabric weight, are not easy to show, and the color matching is very comfortable, and the feature of good fabrics is that the texture is very soft and will not be depilated. Phenomenon, there will be no irritation and side effects.

Next, look at the facial features. Even if the plush toys made by a good toy factory are ugly, the image is very realistic, and you can feel her image and life, while the poor quality plush toys only have their noses, eyes, and mouth. ,air of gloominess.

Then look at the stuffing. The stuffed toys produced by regular plush toy manufacturers are filled with very clean PPC three-dimensional hollow cotton, which has strong bulkiness, good elasticity, fine fibers, easy to clean, and no odor. , Harmless to the human body.

Finally, looking at the workmanship, the good stuffed toy factory will pay attention to every detail in the customization of plush toy dolls, the craftsmanship is very smooth, while the poor toy factory has large stitches and twisted wiring.
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