How to maintain the fabric of plush toy dolls

by:Mishi     2021-08-13
Everyone knows that plush toy dolls are loved by children and girls because of their realistic and cute shapes and soft touch. Presumably many people will have some cute plush dolls in their homes. I have taught them before. Everyone, some cleaning methods for plush toys, today we will tell you how to maintain the fabric of plush dolls, so that it will not be damaged by external factors, and maintain its softness and gloss. .

Good plush fabrics are especially soft and smooth. The made plush toys, plush dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls are very comfortable to hold in your hands, and they are especially warm in your arms, but they are too long. , Because it has been squeezed and ravaged during the playing process, especially after washing, it will lose its elasticity, and it is not easy to restore to its original state, causing the distortion of the plush toy, and the plush fabric has relatively strong moisture absorption. Drying it in time can easily cause the plush fabric to become messy. Direct exposure to strong sunlight during drying will also cause the plush doll's fabric to fade.

The correct method is to try to avoid pressure during the play. If there is pressure, you should comb it neatly along the hair direction with your hands in time. Do not use excessive force during the cleaning process. Do not twist after washing. Use your hands. Drain the water after squeezing out the water, choose a cool and ventilated place to dry, do not expose to strong sunlight to prevent the plush fabric from losing luster and elasticity. When the plush toy is half-dry, perform another reshaping of the plush fabric. In fact, plush The doll should be cleaned by dry cleaning as much as possible, so as to maintain the elasticity and luster of the plush doll fabric.
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