How to maintain the fabrics of plush toy doll

by:Mishi     2020-11-29
Plush toy doll is known to all with the characteristics of the modelling is vivid and lovely, feel soft, loved by children and girl, must have a lot of people are more or less in the home, there will be some cute plush dolls dolls, have taught us some plush toys before cleaning method, today we have to say with you the fabrics of plush dolls how to maintain, can we make it not influenced by external factors caused damage, keep its flexibility and gloss. Good wool fabrics soft and smooth, made of plush toys, plush dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls in your hands is very comfortable, in her arms is particularly warm, but time is long, because in the process of playing after extrusion, overrun, especially lose elasticity after washing, very not easy restorable, causes aliasing distortion of plush toys, and hygroscopicity of wool fabrics is strong, if you don't make it dry in time, it is easy to cause wool fabrics become cluttered, when air is basked in direct exposure to strong sunlight, also can make the fabrics of plush dolls have fade phenomenon. The correct approach is, in the process of playing to avoid oppression, such as there is oppression, in a timely manner with the hand down the hair neatly combed, in the process of cleaning hard not too hard, don't twist wring, after washing hands after extrusion moisture drain, select a cool, ventilated place dry, not in strong sunlight exposure, lose luster and elasticity in order to prevent the plush fabrics, plush toys out again to work partly plush fabrics, plastic, plush doll actually try to adopt the way of dry cleaning, this can only be good to keep plush dolls fabric's elasticity and luster.
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