How to make a plush toy: a few major steps

by:Mishi     2021-08-12
Customized plush dolls by merchants are already a common phenomenon in the industry. For the business, what needs to be done is to provide a certain pattern to the manufacturer of the plush toy, place a certain order, and make the toy. However, for manufacturers of plush toys, how to make plush toys? What are the steps? I will take you to take a look.

Smart plush toy manufacturers are more popular nowadays. After all, the popularity of smart plush toys is becoming wider and wider. Generally, manufacturers will check first when they receive customized drawings from plush dolls. During the verification, some details will be asked to the merchant, and sometimes some drawing optimization aspects will be agreed upon. After the drawings are checked, the materials to be used will be discussed and determined.
Determining the material is only part of how to make the plush toy. After the material is determined, the sample production must be carried out first, and the subsequent production steps will be carried out when both parties have no objection to the sample. Generally, the production of plush dolls has a certain mold, and the shape of the product is made according to the mold, and the hair is applied.
When smart plush toy manufacturers produce plush dolls, they also have to wire the dolls, install batteries and other energized equipment. Of course, this is the last step in the production. When the plush dolls are completed, it will be Wiring arrangement.
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