How to make plush toys: several steps

by:Mishi     2020-11-29
Merchants custom plush doll is very common phenomenon among the industry. For businesses, the need to do is made to the plush toys manufacturers to provide a certain pattern, under a certain order, custom-made for toys. However, for the manufacturer of plush toys, how to make plush toys? With what steps? Small make up take you come and see. Intelligent toy factory is popular nowadays, after all, intelligent toy popularity is more and more wide, general manufacturer in plush dolls custom-made drawings, will check first. Check to the businessman when asking some details, sometimes agreed on some drawings the content of the optimization. When the drawings after the check, will discuss to determine the use of materials. Determine the materials are only part of how to make plush toys, when defining material to sample production, when both sides have no objection to the sample for subsequent production steps. General plush doll production has a certain mold, according to the shape of the mold making products on the hair. Intelligent toy manufacturers in the production of plush dolls, doll to wiring, batteries and other electric equipment installation, of course, this is the last step of production, after the plush dolls well, is the wiring arrangement.
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