How to wash plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-07
Plush toys are toys that are both decorative and practical for different ages. Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for plush dolls in the market, and more and more requirements. As a result, custom-made plush toys appeared.
We may already have a lot of rag dolls and plush dolls in our house. After a long time, they will accumulate a lot of dirt. These things are easy to hide dirt. These things are in direct contact with the human body, so regular cleaning is very necessary.
How to wash plush toys? There are mainly two methods: machine washing and hand washing. Hand washing is more time-consuming and troublesome, but the effect is definitely more assured. You can soak in water first and then scrub. It's just that these plush toys are more absorbent, and washing a toy is very exhausting. Therefore, there are many small household appliances specially used for cleaning plush toys on the market, which use high-temperature steam for high-temperature disinfection and sterilization. This is a more efficient cleaning method, and many housewives also use this method. And it also saves everyone from dehydration, overwatering and other particularly troublesome processes, which is undoubtedly a gospel for housewives.
Of course, in order to save energy in the future and not cause trouble, you should consider it when choosing toys at the beginning. Choose some toys that are easy to clean. It is best not to make toys that are all fluffy. This Although it is comfortable, it is better to choose cloth dolls of those dolls in the future. This kind of doll is more for decoration and collection. Which toy is good depends on your own preferences.
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