International Safety Standards You May Do Not

by:Mishi     2020-07-13
The safety standards in toys industry may be one of most stringent all over the word with the development from the society. And it isn't difficult to understand now. In the recent years, there are a mount of poor toys that affect the healthy of the kids. In people's eyes ,the toy once was the potential killer. Then the everyone is more and more conscious that we must pay more attention the quality of toys. So these safety standards have been developed. In the modern world, the life standard has risen higher than in front of. At the same time , the expense on kids is much larger. Especially we all know basically all children like toys. Whether you really are parent or not, % that healthy is crucial in the life. But so many unqualified toys have threaten the children' healthy in our situation. So in addition the food, the toys kids playing in the daily life is a key point that we could not ignore. As the toy has been deeply in our life, and the quality has been critical. So in the international world, the safety standards have been a concept that the manufacturers must obey. For many folks, these standards are unknown. In fact, once I don't know there are so many standards in planet. China is a massive country with toy production and sale. Toys quality is directly related to the youngsters physical and mental health. And on the other hand hand, increasingly fierce competition in the international toy market, it has affects directly the smooth flow between domestic and foreign markets. Toy safety has become an international hot topic, States and relevant organizations have launched their own toy standard. Toy productions of international standards are acknowledged in the international world. Such as EN71 of EU, CPSIA of United States, ST2002 of Japan. It is these standards that make the toys industry more normative. For my opinion, this is something to be happy. Here I can point some details that you may don't know. To get example, EN71, it can do test the material, like the inflammability, soft hard degree, and so on the topic of. What' more, it need to test the sharp degree. Options items to be tested aiming at the relative types of toys. So we are able to you can will be aware that the safety standards are very specific and maneuverability. Funny Toys Gift Manufactory Company most certainly a popular Chinese toy company for export, the characteristics of this company is it may understand deeply Disney toy, what's more, it can design related toy products in accordance that isn't customer demands, pertaining to example plush toys, resin toys and stationery products. Funny Toys Gift Limited has more ten factories which produce products and those also in line with Euro standard. In the Chinese toy manufacturer it is terrific.
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