Is there a standard for customization of children's plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-16
For children, although the customization of children's plush toys is only an entertainment device, the safety issues are also differently ignored and underestimated. Every year in our country, there are cases of family tragedies caused by inferior toys. Therefore, the safety performance of children's toys, especially plush electric toys, is an issue that cannot be ignored.

So, what kind of toy design and mascot toy design are safe and harmless? As an agent, what kind of cooperative manufacturer should I choose for wholesale toys? First of all, we must choose a manufacturer with a good reputation for cooperation. In this regard, the toy manufacturers in Guangdong are relatively outstanding. On the one hand, many years of plush toy customization have allowed them to accumulate rich experience and a certain degree of credibility. Driven by a good reputation, these manufacturers are more innovative in their production processes and Ru0026D standards, and are basically at the forefront of domestic manufacturers from time to time. On the other hand and most importantly, these toy manufacturers are relatively concentrated, so after years of development, they have formed a certain regional advantage. They are relatively good in implementing national standards. Therefore, they are relatively guaranteed in terms of quality. Many of the products subject to compulsory certification are children's toys made of food-grade materials. As a sales agent, you can feel relieved when purchasing large quantities. Once again, there is another trick to choose. Generally, manufacturers that have produced mascots for large-scale events are relatively reliable. Therefore, mascot manufacturers can be selected first for cooperation.
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