Make a fortune with soft plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-04
As life becomes more prosperous, children's toys are becoming more and more abundant, but no toy can compare with soft plush toys. This kind of toy is not only suitable for children, but also popular among young men and women.

There was a data survey. Among young men and women aged 18-25, about 30% of birthday gifts and holiday gifts would choose soft plush toys as gifts, and some people would even choose custom-made plush toys. It is to pass your own photo to the store, and let the store make a unique gift according to the way. Of course, there are also large-volume orders. For example, some manufacturers will choose custom-made plush toys as gifts for promotional purposes.
Generally speaking, the more popular items among plush toys are plush dolls and plush electric toys. The former is one of the most common plush toy products in our market, and has a wide range of styles, as large as the teddy bears that have been very popular in recent years, as small as pillows, cushions, etc., and the styles are very rich, no matter you Whether you like My Neighbor Totoro, Doraemon, or Rilakkuma, it can be loved by the majority of users. Generally speaking, this kind of plush doll is mainly combined with popular animated images, and it will be easier to become a popular product on the market. The latter generally refers to small batteries, such as barking dogs, or moving cats, etc. Such products are very realistic and image-like, and are more likely to be loved by female customers.
Someone may ask, toy wholesale is mainly based on customer needs, and the main potential customers of toys are naturally children. In fact, there are also children's plush toys in plush toys, which are specially designed for children, and they are also toy wholesale. The market share is very large.
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