Make your own plush toys to how to do? What should pay attention to?

by:Mishi     2020-11-25
Now many people like to make myself a variety of plush toys, enjoy the process of production, and enjoy my work. So generally diy plush toys to how to proceed? At the time of production need to be aware of is what? Make plush toys should be prepared first material, such as a needle and thread, cloth and all kinds of plastic accessories, etc. , need to sewing, cutting tools, etc. , in case of need in production. Production can choose some semi-finished products, direct have provided materials and design patterns, etc. , can be directly according to introduce the facial features and limbs to sew up the toy, the half is the combination of the two pieces of fabric, the sewing stitch is ok. Plush toys in the production of sewing technology requirements are high, especially want to make their own toys production look different, can need not old stitch, can use the overlock stitch suture, effect is good. How to make plush toys? , after fulfilling the stitching as long as the stuffing cotton in the toys such as filler is ok, let's make the toy looks more have stereo feeling. After making you can check the toy design case, if there is a problem, can later amended and refined, easy to produce a cute plush toys products, is worth us hands-on experience.
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