Mascot design

by:Mishi     2021-08-14
Mascot design is an emerging industry in recent years, because now more and more families have purchased mascots. The mascot design can effectively absorb the surplus labor force in the society, and can help the practitioners to achieve prosperity to a great extent, which is a good thing for the country and the people. So what are the options for mascot design?
First of all, mascot design can focus on designing mascot dolls. Dolls and mascots are the two major objects of household goods consumption, so combining the two will definitely increase customer purchases to a greater extent. Because the mascot itself has an auspicious effect, and the doll is a cute toy that is very popular among young people. There is no doubt that the mascot dolls that are both auspicious and have a cute appearance will definitely attract the attention of customers. Dolls are generally cartoon characters, and sometimes use mythological characters as mascots to express people's spiritual sustenance. For example, making Pixiu a cute mascot represents the desire to absorb blessings and wealth.
Secondly, the mascot design can consider the production of a variety of zodiac animals. As a unique invention in Chinese culture, the Chinese zodiac has been influencing people's choices in real life. If the design of the mascot takes this reality into consideration, it will surely usher in a peak in order. For example, for couples of the dragon and horses, when they get married and buy furniture, they will definitely give priority to buying a dragon mascot and a horse mascot. When they give birth to a child, they will naturally purchase the corresponding zodiac sign according to the child's zodiac sign. The animal mascot. So this is also an important direction for mascot design.
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