Mascot dolls set off a boom

by:Mishi     2021-08-14
I still remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The five cute mascot dolls made many people once again see the profound cultural heritage of China, such as 'Baibei'Since the official release of these five cute mascots, they have set off an upsurge in the plush toy market. Many people buy them for their auspicious meaning, or because of their cute shapes, or because of their auspicious meanings. It represents China and is bought as a gift to friends. In short, it has earned enough popularity.

In addition to the release of mascots for each Olympic Games, other sports events, such as the Winter Olympics, Youth Olympics, and Paralympics, there are many exhibitions, and even companies, businesses, etc. will devote themselves to mascot design and invitation Professional and senior designers carry out the design, and strive to design a unique and innovative mascot that can attract people’s attention, and then make them into finished products of various materials and put them on the market. In fact, it is also A form of propaganda.
The toy factory is also very business-minded. It has identified this market and increased mass production. Of course, the products produced are also diverse, including stickers, hands-on, decorative and so on. But the most popular variety is still plush dolls. Because of the material, the dolls made can be carried around and used for decoration, such as mobile phone pendants, bag pendants, or placed on the desk, the sofa at home, or the bedside. Many little girls will definitely You can't put it down with this soft and cute trinket.
Because of this craze, many factories have begun to increase their efforts to invest in the plush toy wholesale market, in order to promote another leap in sales. Consult now >>

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