No Kids In Sight As Hot Toys For Christmas 2013

by:Mishi     2020-07-11
Going to Toy Fair is a little odd. Sure the companies are showing off their hot toys for Christmas 2013. On display are the latest action figures, LEGO toys, board games, video games, and plush figures. However, you can't help but feel that something is missing. This is actually entire show that dedicates itself to the things that kids love the most, yet there is actually kid in sight. Several 300,000 feet of fun, there is plenty to view and not enough time for see it all. It is obvious from browsing the show floor that Apple devices have greatly affected the toy industry. Over the last couple of years we have seen toys that integrate associated with iPhone and iTouch. Now entire toys are being built around the tablet. This is the year of the iPad. As an everything for a new Barbie mirror to Fisher Price Toys that are made around the tablet. In order to play with many for this set toys, you might need another toy - the iPad. Here are right toys for kids that Toy Fair had to promotion. Skylanders Swap Force Skylanders is often a video game that allows gamers to bring their toys into a relevant video game. When a Skylander is place towards the portal of power, it magically explores the quest. Players can then explore the game world without the pain . character. 12 months Activision introduces Skylanders Swap Force. Kids can go ahead and take top and bottoms of the new toys and swap them goes 256 different characters how the game will recognize. Each mix can have its own set of powers. Puzzlebots Puzzlebots are something straight out a science fiction movie. Players can fly a helicopter with their brain ocean. Freaky but cool. Barbie Digital Makeover Girls can apply makeup virtually with the help of the apple ipad book. The best part is that there is absolutely no mess to clean off up. You can put iPad inside and watch the mirror emit a glow which are reserved for a celebrity. Girls can apply eye shadow, lipstick, blush, and glitters. Thanks to facial recognition technology, the virtual makeup will adhere to your face even whenever move. You can also add fun accessories just like tiara. Spin Master Zoomer There to be able to many toys that have tried to create man's ally to everyday living. However, this robotic dog is in the league with the own. Zoomer can learn about 30 different tricks. Can perform teach Zoomer to play dead but our favorite trick is teaching Zoomer to use the bathroom. It's a lot perhaps a real dog but Zoomer doesn't need a fire hydrant. He uses the air. Tomy Battroborg Now you can bring simple . video game action to our lives with these battling automated trading programs. The toy actually uses Wii-like remotes. Players use the controllers to control their battling robots fingers and hands. Shake the left controller and the robot will punch together with left hand and the opposite way round. Hit the other player five times and you can knock him out. What think will be a hot toys for Christmas 2013 youngsters?
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