We have a professional plush toy design team, 2-5 working days of speed proofing, we do the best according to your every requirement.


We will start production according to the approved sample. From cutting to quality inspection, we strictly control the quality of the products, and report the production progress to you regularly, so that you can understand the production progress.


We offer a variety of shipping methods based on your packaging and delivery time requirements. From the perspective of transportation costs and transportation time, we will choose the most suitable way to escort your goods.


OPP bag packaging: It has good toughness and transparency, which can improve the beauty of the toy. The outer packaging is usually cartons.


PE bag packaging: It has good hand feeling and environmental protection. It is generally used for exported goods. The outer packaging is usually export cartons.


Compressed bag packaging: vacuum compression packaging bag, the volume is reduced to about one-third of the original volume after compression, generally used for pillows, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost, and the outer packaging is usually cartons.


Carton: Suitable for customers who demand high quality toys, commonly used for domestic plush gifts and export toys.


Packing tray: Usually for an importing country who has high requirements for toys. It is commonly used in Japan. Carton boxes and trays are packaged together and loaded into containers.


Container trucks: In the case of exported goods, the goods are all packed in cartons, and we are responsible for loading your cargo into the container.


Air transport: In the case of very urgent delivery of goods, we can cooperate with customers to drive the goods to the local airport for consignment, and generally the goods will be delivered in one week. However, the cost is very high, generally not commonly used, but if there is, we can cooperate to provide the best service to customers.


The whole process of Designing, producing, Selling could make us know our clients better, so we can execute

clients requirement really on manufacturing process. And you can also easily find what you need.

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