Pay attention to the problem of cleaning plush toys

by:Mishi     2020-11-25
If you have a child in the home, to send him a plush toys is the most can let darling obedient child and can improve tool with the child's feelings. Fluffy cute little animal toys or animated cartoon toys most can move the heart of the children and one of the more attractive, is the plush toys. Toys or placing a small motor intelligent machine core, small toys can move forward, backward or even dance. Really want to say do not love is not easy. However, things are a into two, plush toys is more interesting, however, its fluffy appearance also is very easy to stick dust was dirty. Two months will become dirty, most commonly affects the beautiful, also can affect the health of children. So clean the problem of electric toy and then before the parents. Selection of first method is to dry cleaning, simple and convenient but expensive. Second, is to use brush and moderate tools such as laundry detergent wipe the surface of plush toys, slowly and must pay attention to avoid moisture infiltration in the toy. Last, the method of simple completely worry-free, is to get the plush toys in the motor or remove it after cleaning the surface of the toy movement, etc. This method to the technical requirements higher, because most likely after the toy will not be able to assemble it again. So the choice of the method also need careful handling.
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