Plush doll filler is how to,

by:Mishi     2020-11-28
Abroad, sub for filling the floorboard of the waste, involves cotton waste ( 废棉) And the remainder of the woven fiber fabric ( 男人- - - - - - 使纤维废料) U made a regeneration using residual waste cotton cotton fabric, a kapok filler instead of shortage, this system of cotton filling is made from wool cotton waste and cotton products line for the remainder of the group and the bulb, compound the deeper the color is the lower. Taken the weave waste ( 子) It's not like polyester fiber and fiber artificial cotton shaped the fill, its shortcomings for easy cleaning, not easy to save, and adverse painted mold high quality chip plane ( 精益求精的) Excelsior for senior Latin meaning, so in order to prove the quality composition is very good, will be on the label to & other; excelsior” Said. Chip in the 19th century, kapok and good plane sawdust was adorned filling, then use on the flames filled; Taken the fiber fillers ( 纤维填充) From the white polyester fiber, is very soft filling waste, now all the bear implants are using this material. Taken the foam rubber ( foan - 橡胶) Refining polyurewthare, is a kind of cellulose sponge, the model and is used in furniture and decorations of filler, 1950 burst is used as a filler, softness and plasticity is good, is a kind of similar to mute the orange * * sponge cotton. Kapok painted ( 木棉) Is a tree, from within the seed pod of a single cell, about an inch in length, with a white or brown, with a pleasing to the eye as silk luster, waterproof, qualitative light, elastic, smooth, softness, flammable, easy to save. Taken the cloth ( oilclothe) Also known as the leather cloth, as a result of this kind of leather after after processing, as a kind of waterproof cloth, early as pack bear speakers use. Taken the polyester fiber ( 聚酯纤维) Come from in the oil refining of synthetic fiber, usually mixed with natural synthetic fibers made of silk weaving, by at least 85% dihydric alclhol and terephthalic acid, a cone, smooth surface, good elasticity, easy to wash easy to do, have good thermoplastic, almost all plush dolls toy factory now is this kind of material as a filler of fur material and plush toys. Kapok painted article crumbs 木材- 羊毛) Is one kind has softness long strips of fine cutting chip splints, originally used for stuffing the domestic act the role ofing supplies, are commonly used to replicate in Xiong Jie bears and traditional handmade plush doll padding. After filling the little bear feels more solid and full and full of toughness, but must use sticks stuffing, otherwise will hurt his hand.
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