Plush toy industry jargon

by:Mishi     2020-11-26
Every profession has its own jargon, plush toys industry and industry jargon, there are also many different way today tell everybody about plush toys what are the professional manufacturer of plush toy doll industry terminology. 1, plush toy called soft toys are collectively referred to as plush toys, but for different plush toy manufacturer for different process of plush toys term is different also, respectively is: plush dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls, stuffed toys, stuffed animals, stuffed dolls, soft, filling doll, doll, and so on. 2, material class now plush toys industry commonly used cloth called crystal ultra soft, plush, short plush, etc. , for some categories of material, can use some special terms, such as: - plush height - Refers to the yarn or the thickness of the fur in the back or high density of wool cloth with soft nap, gram - - The density of wool cloth with soft nap is key to whether can produce wool phenomenon, gram weight is different with the density of wool cloth with soft nap. Artificial fiber - - Usually used in the manufacture of artificial fur, used to make plush toys, and stuffed toys. Padding - - Refers to the material used to fill in the toy, usually man-made fibers, cotton, rice straw, kapok, plastic particles, or beans. 3, accessories crystal eyes, flocking nose - - To make the plush toys more vivid effect and custom. 4, identification tags - - Attach a label on toys, toys are there on the manufacturing location, company logo, address and other information. Woven label - - A cloth label attached to the toy, the information such as the brand identity with toys. 5, the toy factory internal document class RN or registration number - Textiles were asked to have a registration number on the label. 离岸价, - Is the ship the goods of acronyms, which means the buyer pay for the goods ( Plush toys) Transportation costs, often from their overseas factories port city of quotation, the goods imported into the United States or your own country is still your responsibility ( If you are international customer) 。 An NDA - - Agreement between all people participate in discussion, on behalf of all parties in the discussion before to protect all parties involved in the deal. Pre-production samples - - The minimum quantity for - the sample before production - The minimum number of custom factory production of a product.
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