Plush toy processing, small details that need attention

by:Mishi     2021-08-09
At the peak of the baby boom, the toy market is extremely hot. In particular, it has a cute and changeable image and can be used as a pillow, pillow and other household items. Plush toys with good touch at the same time. Has a very wide range of consumer groups and market prospects. In such a good situation, each player manufacturer needs to pay attention to the upstream of plush toy processing in order to keep their products in an invincible position. Only in this fast-developing market, can we grow together with demand and break into a bigger and broader world?
The selection and design of plush toys will not be described here. In its specific processing links, it takes care and meticulousness to make exquisite toys. It can make consumers feel that they have a good texture at first sight. At the same time, it can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The first step in the processing of plush toys is cutting, which must be cut as accurately as possible according to the designed proofing. Only in this way can we lay a good foundation for subsequent sewing and shaping. The next step is to sew. Make sure to sew fine and even stitches. This not only improves the durability of the toy, but also prevents the filling of the toy from overflowing from the stitches that are not dense. Not only to ensure the aesthetics of the toy, but also to make the player have a higher level of safety.
The follow-up work of plush toy processing is to add some decorations to the outer surface of the toy. Add some small objects. These objects try to use a more solid and firm sewing method. This can better prevent it from falling off. Not only does the toy have lasting aesthetics, it also improves its safety to a certain extent. The above are the small details that such players need to pay attention to during the processing.
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