Plush toys custom main process have? Understand the basic steps

by:Mishi     2020-11-26
Plush toys are adored by many people, from now on the market offer of plush toys, not only has a ready-made products, also can choose the form of custom. The plush toys manufacturer at the time of custom are mainly how to do? Should pay attention to what matters? Let's look at the basic introduction. Toys custom is relatively simple, first is to provide the initial samples. Upon receiving the clients to provide processing after the design draft, the manufacturer will according to the corresponding specification size and material to make a choice, a preliminary accounting probably will have to spend the cost of processing. In determining the good after the early stage of the basic accounting, can undertake a proofing first. According to determine the good sample to proofing, the choice of material requirement is relatively high, in the production and processing in advance when you need to consider and choose the suitable material, in strict accordance with the appropriate process design such as the dimensions. Generally the samples are to be repeatedly confirmed, whether to have the good processing efficiency, appearance design, quality standards, etc. Make sure those goals are met. Plush toys custom actually want to consider what is more, in the actual production and processing shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the standard, guarantee the quality of the toys processing. At the time of production and processing need to repeatedly confirmed, able to design better products, produce more popular toys.
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