Plush toys flammable test method

by:Mishi     2020-11-26
Plush dolls, the main users in addition to the girl, is the lovely children, so toy manufacturers produced plush toy doll must comply with all kinds of toy safety standards, before we talked about some plush toy safety standards, one of them is the eu's EN71 toy safety, today we are going to talk about one - in this standard Flammability test standards: all the plush toy factory for making plush dolls to ban the use of flammable material types and combustion performance requirements for some small fire toys, toys factory in addition to the products will be sent to the organization of various safety standards, but also can check list, the following by deep shunxing toy factory to introduce several test methods. Is required for toys the combustion performance of the fabric and padding must be flame retardant, integral move away from the flame, burning time can't more than 2 seconds, maximum combustion size must not exceed 70 mm. Vertical suspension will plush toys, choosing the most easy burning, burner to 45 & deg; Point of contact with the sample, test toy combustion rate, pay attention to individually test tests not hair, but take it as a normal part of the toy test. Can face the toys under test, make the hair on the bottom of the toy into a horizontal position; Toys will also be back down test, make the hair at the bottom of the toy, vertical suspension of hair is not used to calculate the combustion speed. Keep burner and toy inflammable parts contact at least 5/6 in ( 16mm) , if toys inflammable area melt immediately fire, let lit the flame spread, with a stopwatch to measure the burning time. In other parts of the nature of the flame, the test time is not more than 60 s. Testing process is not the product of the fire is considered through the test, for such sample don't have to calculate the combustion rate; To self extinguishing in the 60 s products, to calculate the combustion rate must be burning velocity was calculated by the actual burning time as the denominator; If the product is not extinguished by oneself, must make fire continues to burn 60 s, with the spread of flame in the 60 s actual length calculation of combustion rate. This factory after self-test can be adjusted according to actual condition to select material and manufacture, to achieve better combustion performance standards.
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