Plush toys there are what type of filler

by:Mishi     2020-11-26
Fluffy stuffed animals feel soft, not afraid of extrusion, in addition to the surface of soft and comfortable material, also cannot leave the internal padding, good filling material can bring people comfortable and healthy experience, did the plush toys filler into which a few kinds, introduce everyone to below: 1, commonly known as: PP cotton doll cotton, filling cotton, also known as the wadding, material as recycled polyester staple fiber, is a common synthetic chemical fiber, mainly include the general fiber and hollow two kinds, the product has good resilience, bulk degree is strong, feel is smooth, the price is low, warmth retention property good, PP cotton is the most commonly used plush doll fillers, thus there are a lot of plush toy factory will to as filler of plush toy doll. 2, washing cotton washing cotton is cotton as raw material, through special processing after further soft fabric surface color, luster, feel softer, and reflected somewhat in the slight wrinkle degree of the feeling of old material. This kind of clothes to wear with washing have variant does not fade, not easily avoid ironing. Good water to wash the surface of cotton cloth and a uniform layer of wool cloth with soft nap, unique style. 3, down by different specifications of the superfine cotton fiber after special craft manufacture, because like a feather, so called down cotton, also has the most hollow called silk or cotton, the product has light, feel is exquisite, soft and uniform, good insulation, not easy deformation, not through, nothing strange and hard objects, 4, this small particles filled plastic toy main effect is to keep the plush dolls standing or sitting. Because this kind of plush toys heavier than important than cotton stuffing, filling in the bottom or feet will reduce the center of gravity of toys, plush toys on the plane are more stable. 5, foam foam particles, also known as snow peas, is the high polymer, is a kind of high-strength buffer, seismic capacity of new environmental protection foam material, it is flexible, qualitative light, flexible, can bend to absorb and disperse the external impact force, to achieve the effect of buffer, to overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformation, the shortcomings of resilience difference, as a fluffy pillow cushion for leaning on is more comfortable.
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