Proofing process of regular plush toy manufacturers

by:Mishi     2021-08-11
Everyone knows that a customized product needs to have an important process before mass production. That is proofing. If there is something in the proofing process that needs to be improved, it can be modified in time. The plush toy industry is also not listed, the plush toy Let's take a look at what the manufacturer's proofing process is!

1. A single customer has a custom-made plush toy requirement. After consulting, provide the plush toy factory with samples or samples, and the toy factory designer will determine the appropriate materials and process methods according to the customer's requirements;
2. When making a plush toy model, you must pay attention to the production principles of straight lines, arcs, angles, proportions, symmetry, and positioning of the model. The text is written on the front of the model. The straight line is straight, the arc is round, the notch is in place, and the angle and proportion are the same. These points are the principles of making a model. Templates with a centerline such as trapezoids should be symmetrical on both sides; straight lines on the opposite sides of a rectangular template should be parallel. The positioning points must be accurate, and the positioning points used for splicing or provincial roads must correspond without omissions;

3. In addition to the positioning point, the template also needs to have corresponding signs. The signs of the template include: product model, product name, part name, sample number, material name, silk flow direction, number of pieces, if plush When the toy model is relatively small and cannot be marked with all the contents, you can make a craft list, number the logo, and mark the number directly.
Fourth, make a layout diagram, which includes: the silk flow or wool direction of the template, the pattern in reverse order or the same direction, and the pattern of the pattern. The purpose is to more accurately calculate the unit cut size. Discharging with the lowest loss;
5. After cutting, you can perform sewing, embroidery (silk printing), filling and other processes. After the plush toy doll model is made, compare it with the drawing. If there is any need for improvement, please modify it in time. client confirmation.
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