Test method for flammability of plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-06
In addition to girls, the main users of plush dolls are cute children. Therefore, the plush toy dolls produced by toy manufacturers must meet various toy safety standards. We have talked about the safety standards of some plush toys before. One is the European Union’s EN71 'Toy Safety'. Today we will talk about one of the standards-the flammability test standard: it stipulates that all plush toy factories prohibit the use of flammable materials and types in the production of plush dolls. For the combustion performance requirements of certain small fire-source toys, in addition to sending the products to the designated agency to test various safety standards, the toy factory can actually check on its own. The following is a few test methods from Shenshunxing Toy Factory.

To meet the combustion performance requirements of toys, fabrics and fillings must be flame-retardant, the whole should be removed from the flame, the burning time should not exceed 2 seconds, and the maximum burning size should not exceed 70mm.
Hang the plush toy vertically, choose the most flammable part, and test the burning speed of the toy with the burner contacting the sample at an angle of 45°. Note that the hair is not tested separately in the test, but as a common part of the toy carry out testing. You can test the toy face down so that the hair is at the bottom of the toy in a horizontal position; you can also test the toy face down so that the hair is under the toy, and the hair hanging vertically is not used to calculate the burning speed.
Keep the burner in contact with the combustible part of the toy for at least 5/6in (16mm). If the combustible part of the toy melts, it will catch fire immediately. Let the ignited flame spread. Use a stopwatch to measure the burning time. For natural flames in other parts, the test time cannot exceed 60s.

Products that do not catch fire during the test are considered to have passed the test. For such samples, there is no need to calculate the burning speed; for products that extinguish themselves within 60s, the actual burning time must be used as the denominator to calculate the burning speed when calculating the burning speed; If the product does not extinguish by itself, the flame must continue to burn for 60s, and the actual length of the flame spread in the entire 60s is used to calculate the burning speed.

In this way, after self-testing, the manufacturer can adjust the material selection, production and other processes according to the actual situation to achieve better combustion performance standards.
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